Temperature Products

Temperature products

New Subsea Instruments Temperature Products

  • Wellhead Pressure Logger Products
    Wellhead Pressure Logger products from Pioneer Petrotech Services Inc. To Be Used In Critical Environments Wellhead Pressure Logger The PPS31 is a wellhead digital pressure and temperature monitoring gauge. The application of radio transmission allows operators to receive real-time data which is ...
  • Memory Pressuretemp Sensor Products
    Memory Pressuretemp Sensor products from Antech Internal Or External Pressure Measurement Memory Pressuretemp Sensor Measure pressure and temperature downhole during coiled tubing runs using this in-line tool. Its features make it suitable for all types of pumping operations More Antech Products More Memory Sensors ...
  • Modular Jumper Installation Tool Products
    Modular Jumper Installation Tool products from Bennex The Termination Is Fully Temperature And Pressure Compensated And Has A Low Internal Overpressure Compared To Ambient In Working Condition. Modular Jumper Installation Tool The Modular Jumper Installation Tool is designed to ease the subsea ...
  • Temperature Products
    New Subsea Instruments Temperature Products List of Instruments Temperature Products Top Oil and Gas Temperature Companies Instruments Temperature Jobs
  • Danais Valves Products
    Danais Valves products from Amri Provides A Fire Safe Seal, All The Time; And Is Not Dependent On Fire Intensity Danais Valves The DANAIS is a flexible metal seated valve that provides tight shut off in LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) down to ...
  • Dual Pressure Sensor Module Products
    Dual Pressure Sensor Module products from Antech To Transmit The Signals Uphole Dual Pressure Sensor Module In cases where a full suite of CT sensors is not required, AnTech can offer a dedicated Pressure Temperature Sensor More Antech Products More Workover Tools Products from ...
  • Thermocouple Elements Products
    Thermocouple Elements products from North American Sensors Corp Ceramic Insulated Thermocouple Elements Element Options: Bare or ceramic insulated, wire gauge sizes from 30 to 8 gauge, straight or angle, single or duplex. More North American Sensors Corp Products More Temperature Products Products from Other ...
  • Aviation Turbine Fuel Avtur Products
    Aviation Turbine Fuel Avtur products from Pertamina Hygiene, Combustion And Its Characteristic At Low Temperature. Aviation Turbine Fuel Avtur Aviation Turbine Fuel (Avtur) is the fuel from the petroleum fraction designed for the fuel of air transport (Aviation) at the plane which ...
  • Allstate High Speed Tig Products
    Allstate High Speed Tig products from Esab Excellent Cutting Power Allstate High Speed Tig Deposits are tungsten-moly high speed steel that have excellent cutting power and high toughness and will maintain a sharp edge at high temperatures. More Esab Products More Filler Metals Products ...
  • Extreme Quartz Products
    Extreme Quartz products from Pi Intervention As Very High Quality Pressure And Temperature Data In Wells Extreme Quartz This new 200 degree C memory gauge brings together the Hybridised Qurtzdyne transducer and Omega’s own high temperature data in wells where the pressure ...

List of Instruments Temperature Products

  • Ramtype Blowout Preventer Products
    Ramtype Blowout Preventer products from T3 Energy Services Easy Access To The Rams Ramtype Blowout Preventer T3 Energy’s 6031 "Arctic" BOP has been designed for low temperature and/or low pressure environments in which the space in limited. The T3 6031 design allows ...
  • Permanent Measurement And Control System Products
    Permanent Measurement And Control System products from Friedrich Leutert Control Components Of The Well Installation Permanent Measurement And Control System The PK system records pressure and temperature in deep wells. Typical applications are oil or gas, deep water and geothermal wells. Surface ...
  • Deepwater Hpht Subsea Trees Products
    Deepwater Hpht Subsea Trees products from Fmc Technologies Subsea Systems Most Technically Advanced Oil And Gas Solutions. Deepwater Hpht Subsea Trees FMC’s 15,000 psi, 350F, High-Pressure, High-Temperature (HPHT) subsea completion systems are the most technically advanced oil and gas solutions in the ...
  • Cryoshield L Products
    Cryoshield L products from Esab Excellent Slag Removal Cryoshield L Cryo-Shield 308L was developed for the welding of Types 304 & 304L stainless steels for the low temperature service, even down to liquid helium temperatures. More Esab Products More Filler Metals Products from Other ...
  • Sampler Clock Products
    Sampler Clock products from Friedrich Leutert Temperature Extremes Encountered In Oilfield And Geothermal Operation. Sampler Clock The Sampler Clock is designed to activate the LEUTERT subsurface samplers PNL and PDS. The winding key allows setting of partial times of total time of ...
  • Pressure & Temperature Loggers Products
    Pressure & Temperature Loggers products from Aquatec Subsea Limited Fully Self-Contained, Miniature Data Loggers Pressure & Temperature Loggers The AQUAlogger 520 oceanographic instruments are fully self-contained, miniature data loggers More Aquatec Subsea Limited Products More Auxiliary Products from Other Companies Top Auxiliary Companies Jobs related to ...
  • Reciprocating Products
    Reciprocating products from Ftl Seals Technology Vee Packings For Piston Reciprocating Vee packings for piston and piston rod applications in Nitrile, FPM and other high Temperature materials such as Nomex and PTFE. More Ftl Seals Technology Products More Heavy Duty Hydraulic Seals Products from ...
  • Resistance Temperature Detector Products
    Resistance Temperature Detector products from Applied Sensor Technologies Wound Around An Insulator Resistance Temperature Detector An RTD capitalizes on the fact that the electrical resistance of a material changes as its temperature changes. More Applied Sensor Technologies Products More Rtd-Based Temperature Sensors Products from ...
  • High Temperature Series Pipeline Inner Layer Products
    High Temperature Series Pipeline Inner Layer products from Tek-Rap Inc High Temperature Polyethylene Backing Over A High Temperature Butyl Rubber Adhesive. High Temperature Series Pipeline Inner Layer TEK-RAP SERIES 240 HIGH TEMPERATURE HEAT BEATER is a two component coextruded coating consisting of a high ...
  • Yellow Jacket Products
    Yellow Jacket products from Bredero Shaw Yellow Jacket Provides External Protection For Pipe Used In The Oil And Gas And Waterworks Industries Yellow Jacket Yellow Jacket® provides external protection for pipe used in the oil and gas and waterworks industries where moderate ...

Top Oil and Gas Temperature Companies

  • Insensys
    providing improvements in performance, safety and profitability by fibre optic strain and temperature measurement.
  • Rolf Lycke AS
    supplier and stockist of pipes, fittings and flanges in carbon, low temperature and stainless steel.
  • Nelson Stud Welding, Inc.
    manufacturer and distributor of weld stud fasteners and application equipment
  • Spartek Systems Inc
    wide range of memory/surface readout pressure/temperature recorders
  • Jordan Valve
    manufacturer of pressure regulators, back pressure regulators, temperature regulators, pneumatic and electric control valves
  • Unifrax
    production of high temperature fibre insulation
  • Superior Technical Ceramics Corp.
    applications that require wear or corrosion resistance, high temperature capability, or ceramic insulators for electrical resistance.
  • Zeus Industrial Products, Inc.
    manufacture precision polymer extructions to meet the most critical design requirements in a wide range of applications
  • Bronswerk Heat Transfer
    in the field of heat exchangers
  • Applied Sensor Technologies
    monitoring pressure or temperature conditions and performing critical alarm, control and shutdown functions of equipment or processes

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