Ceiba by Triton Energy

Triton is the operator (85% share) of Blocks F and G, with South Africa-based Energy Africa holding the remaining 15% equity. Prior to drilling, Triton purchased 4,200km² of seismic data concerning Block G, as well as the adjacent Block F. The permeability ranges between 1mD to 1D and the porosity is 20-30%. It has an oil saturation of 30-70% and a GOR of 550ft/bbl. Ceiba was discovered on 6 October 1999, following the drilling and testing of the discovery well. The well was drilled to 9,700ft in approximately 2,200ft of water. It flowed 12,401 barrels of oil per day (BOPD), of 30 deg oil, from a 742ft gross oil column (net oil-bearing pay of 314ft in four zones). The well had a flowing tubing pressure of 897psi.

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