List of Oil and Gas Companies in Mumbai India

Many oil and gas companies are located in Mumbai, which is India’s second largest city and capital of the state of Maharashtra; with suburbs, the city has 21 million inhabitants. The city has a large influx from all over India due to its diverse business opportunities. The city’s population therefore consists of people from all over India.

Oil and Gas Companies in Mumbai India
City of Mumbai

Oil Companies in Mumbai, India

The subsea oil and gas companies in India are involved in all stages of the petroleum industry worldwide, but of mostly in the west Indian Sea. They search for, explore and produce petroleum, they transport, refine and market petroleum and petroleum products. They are therefore called integrated oil companies. So, who is the top companies in the Indian City?

Top 5 Oil and Gas Companies in India

The following list gives the top 5 companies:

  • ONGC
  • Indian Oil
  • Prize Petroleum Company
  • Tyumen Oil & Gas Construction
  • Reliance

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Top 20 List of Oil and Gas Businesses in India

Below is the list of top 20 oil and gas companies and firms that are related to greater Mumbai City area. Click the links to find company profile, jobs and contact details for each company. Also, use the search buttons as there are many more in the company database:

List of Oil and Gas Companies in Mumbai, India

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