DH Budenberg SA

DH Budenberg SA in short: advanced range of pressure standards and calibration systems.

DH Budenberg SA

DH-Budenberg was established in 1996 from the merger of Desgranges & Huot of France ("DH") with the calibration division of the Budenberg Gauge company of the UK. Both companies have combined their know-how and resources in order to offer the widest and most advanced range of pressure standards and calibration systems. DH-Budenberg has head offices in San Marcos (Texas, USA), Irlam (near Manchester, England), Aubervilliers (North of Paris, France), Rodgau (Francfort suburbs, Germany) and Chennai (Madras, India). Customers are supported worldwide through a network of 45 expert representatives and distributors. The DH-Budenberg laboratories are COFRAC, DKD and UKAS accredited. The company has a turnover of 13 Million Euros and employs 100 people. It is a member of the Electrocal Group Ltd. which also incorporates Budenberg Gauge Co. Ltd., manufacturers of premium dial gauges.

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We are located in Aubervilliers, France, Europe(South)


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