Metzke Engineering

Metzke Engineering in short: engineering and drilling manufacturer

Metzke Engineering

Metzke Engineering: The 1997 Telstra Western Australian Small Business Development Corporation Awards saw engineering and drilling manufacturer Metzke Engineering carry off the award for Manufacturer with fewer than 60 employees, going on to become a national finalist in the same category. Metzke’s pursuit of outstanding product quality and service has seen it climb to its position at the forefront manufacturing components for RC drilling and its expansion into the arena of international export has led to additional business developments in Chile, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, India and South Africa. In 1996 the world’s most prominent mining company, RTZ, commissioned Metzke Engineering to construct an RC drill rig for a project in India, and to provide additional consumables and technology to support the program.

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We are located in Perth, AUSTRALIA, Australia

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