List of Oil and Gas Companies in Cologne Germany

Oil and Gas Companies in Cologne

List of Oil and Gas Companies in Cologne, Germany

    supplier of complex technical polymer components polymer bearings as well as a network of sales engineers

Companies in Germany

  • Richter Warmebehandlung GMBH
    Heat treatments on metal workpieces: preheating prior to and heat retention during welding, post weld heat treatment, manufacture
    Torque wrenches, bolt-tensioning cylinders, high-pressure pumps, torque multipliers, nut runners (pneumatic and electric)
  • Ensinger GMBH
    use of raw materials, waste recycling, waste water, noise and energy consumption
  • Alltec
    A successful producer and service provider for electrical installation, automation and information technology plants
  • Hydromod Scientific Consulting
    Consultancy, service and applied research company specialising in applied oceanography, limnology, hydrology and hydrography.
  • DH Budenberg SA
    advanced range of pressure standards and calibration systems.
  • Petrolab Company
    offers the largest and most complete combination of petrochemical and chemical test instrumentation and accessories in the world
  • Sintec Htm LTD
    Parts manufactured by hot isostatic pressing (HIP). In solid duplex, super duplex or ni-based alloys
  • Menck
    anchor and mooring points for the offshore industry
  • Bartec AS
    leading supplier of safety technology, develops and manufactures innovative products