Richter Warmebehandlung GMBH

Richter Warmebehandlung GMBH in short: Heat treatments on metal workpieces: preheating prior to and heat retention during welding, post weld heat treatment, manufacture

Richter Warmebehandlung GMBH

RICHTER Wärmebehandlungen GmbH carries out heat treatments on metal workpieces and installation components. RICHTER Wärmebehandlungen GmbH offers Preheating prior to and heat retention during welding , Post weld heat treatment after welding and forming processes, in particular stress, relieving, normalizing, and hydrogen controlled and low carbon annealing, Heat conduction processes for production and removing of shrink-fit connections Since the foundation we have carried out many orders for domestic and international customers in the areas of Power station construction , Chemical plant construction , Mechanical , engineering and process plant engineering , lignite industry , as well as in mills.

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We are located in Pirna, Germany, Europe(North)

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