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Trelleborg Industrie in short: most extensive industrial hoses offer on the market

Trelleborg Industrie

Trelleborg Industrial Hose, with its experience and know-how, gives you the most extensive industrial hoses offer on the market. Trelleborg Industrial are in permanent contact with our customers to define the particular working requirements for their hoses. For each hose and each application, Trelleborg Industrial develop, test and check out a suitable connection.Trelleborg Industrial industrial plant guarantees the highest level of performance and competitiveness it benefit from the group’s considerable Research and Development resources, enabling us to design and manufacture the best-adapted and most innovative elastomer blends.Trelleborg Industrial manufacturing units work in compliance with Quality Assurance systems certified by ISO 9001 and have the environmental standard ISO 14001.

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We are located in Paris, FRANCE, Europe(North)

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