Stainless Steel Products

Stainless Steel products

New Subsea Materials Stainless Steel Products

  • Universal Subsea Camera Products
    Universal Subsea Camera products from Ev Offshore Hard Anodised Aluminium Or Stainless Steel Housing Universal Subsea Camera EVOLi-UC Universal SubSea Camera unit offers a low cost, entry level family of cameras for a huge range of applications. More Ev Offshore Products More Cameras Products ...
  • Ball Valve Range Products
    Ball Valve Range products from Alco Valves Drop-Centre Accessibility For Welding / Positioning / Pipe Access Ball Valve Range The rugged SSB range of Fire Safe Ball Valve is manufactured in 316 stainless steel (and certain super alloys). Available in sizes from ...
  • Medium Duty Aluminium Dc Pan & Tilt Products
    Medium Duty Aluminium Dc Pan & Tilt products from Kongsberg Maritime Ruggedised Stainless Steel Dc Pan And Tilt Unit Medium Duty Aluminium Dc Pan & Tilt Medium Duty and Rugged Pressure Compensated 40kg Capability The OE10-101 dc Pan & Tilt unit ...
  • Media Retention Nozzles Products
    Media Retention Nozzles products from Alloy Screen Works Maintaining Exceptional Strength And Efficiency Media Retention Nozzles Commonly made of stainless steel, our media retention nozzles are also available in a variety of other alloys, all providing a high percentage of open flow ...
  • Pressure Switches Products
    Pressure Switches products from Midland Acs For Use On Fail Safe Systems Pressure Switches A compact fully adjustable pneumatically operated 316 Stainless Steel or Brass pressure switch with operating pressures up to 16 bar (232 psi). For use on fail safe systems. More ...
  • Stainless Steel Products
    New Subsea Materials Stainless Steel Products List of Materials Stainless Steel Products Top Oil and Gas Stainless Steel Companies Materials Stainless Steel Jobs
  • Bi Metal Thermometers Products
    Bi Metal Thermometers products from Cvs Controls Thermometers Can Be Used Wherever Precise Temperature And Quality Is Required Bi Metal Thermometers Pförtner Thermometers are or stainless steel construction; they are hermetically sealed to ensure resistance against internal corrosion, moisture and dirty atmospheres. More ...
  • Impact Products
    Impact products from Midland Acs Total Installed Cost In Both Capex And Opex Over Panel Mounted Assemblies Impact IMPACT 2000™ is a high integrity modular pneumatic actuator control assembly in 316 Stainless Steel. Lighter, stronger and more compact than panel mounting. More Midland ...
  • Trunnion Ball Valve Products
    Trunnion Ball Valve products from Dhv Industries, Inc. Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Especially For Oil And Gas Pipeline Application. Trunnion Ball Valve DHV offers a wide variety of material options to meet your critical needs from Carbon Steel to Duplex Stainless Steel ...
  • Fiberglass Epoxy Gre Well Screens Products
    Fiberglass Epoxy Gre Well Screens products from Centron International Centron® Fiberglass/Epoxy Well Screens Provide Superior Corrosion Resistance To Most Brines And Crude Oils At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Traditional Materials. Fiberglass Epoxy Gre Well Screens Centron® fiberglass/epoxy well screens provide superior ...

List of Materials Stainless Steel Products

  • Mini Valves Products
    Mini Valves products from Noshok, Inc Mini Valve Is A Big Value In A Little Package Mini Valves The New NOSHOK 100 Series Mini Valve is a BIG Value in a little package. Available in electroless nickel plated steel, electropolished stainless steel ...
  • Cryoshield L Products
    Cryoshield L products from Esab Excellent Slag Removal Cryoshield L Cryo-Shield 308L was developed for the welding of Types 304 & 304L stainless steels for the low temperature service, even down to liquid helium temperatures. More Esab Products More Filler Metals Products from Other ...
  • Transponder Collars Products
    Transponder Collars products from Crp Group A Standard Range Of Collars Are Available From Stock. Specialised Requirements Will Be Reviewed On A Bespoke Basis Transponder Collars Each collar consists of two identical half shells fastened together by means of four stainless steel ...
  • Medium Duty Aluminium Ac Pan & Tilt Products
    Medium Duty Aluminium Ac Pan & Tilt products from Kongsberg Maritime Ruggedised Stainless Steel Ac Pan And Tilt Unit Medium Duty Aluminium Ac Pan & Tilt The OE10-100 ac Pan & Tilt unit is a new addition to the Kongsberg Maritime Ltd ...
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Pan & Tilt Products
    Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Pan & Tilt products from Kongsberg Maritime Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Underwater Pan And Tilt Unit Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Pan & Tilt The Kongsberg Maritime Ltd OE1148 underwater Pan & Tilt unit has been ruggedly designed to ...
  • Top Entry Valve Products
    Top Entry Valve products from Anson Easy To Maintain Top Entry Valve ANSON API.6A ‘Top Entry’ Check Valves are manufactured to a high specification from closed die forged steel bodies with 17/4 ph stainless steel internals. More Anson Products More Valves Products from Other ...
  • Metal Conedk Dk Products
    Metal Conedk Dk products from Krohne Oil & Gas Bv All-Metal Miniature Flowmeter Metal Conedk Dk All-metal miniature flowmeter The variable area flowmeter DK 32 is of rugged, all-metal construction and suitable for a wide range of flowmetering applications. Metal measuring ...
  • Drillers Console Products
    Drillers Console products from Canglobal Products Many Shapes And Configurations Drillers Console CanGlobal offers drillers consoles in many shapes and configurations. Whether your requirements call for a simple weight indicator box or a full stainless steel console we are able to handle ...
  • Metal Shell Series Contacts Products
    Metal Shell Series Contacts products from Marine Geophysical Cables Designed To Mate With The Compatible In-Line And Dummy Connectors Metal Shell Series Contacts The Metal Shell Subconn® Series in stainless steel is available in three shell sizes compatible with industry standards. Flange ...
  • Standard Flotect Products
    Standard Flotect products from Flotation Technologies Ingress Of Sand Or Other Abrasive Materials Standard Flotect Standard FLOTECT™ impact protection is provided in convenient lengths for installation. Pairs of interlocking half-shells are secured around the core product with stainless steel More Flotation Technologies Products More ...

Top Oil and Gas Stainless Steel Companies

  • Hawke Cable Glands Ltd
    is recognised as a world leader in the development and manufacture of Cable Glands for hazardous areas
  • Rolf Lycke AS
    supplier and stockist of pipes, fittings and flanges in carbon, low temperature and stainless steel.
  • Kobelt Manufacturing
    rugged construction, quality materials and prompt delivery to the customers
  • Nord-Lock
    manufacturing of a superior securing system designed for bolted joints
  • Perar
    manufacturers and engineering of ball valves
  • U.S. Bolt Manufacturing, Inc.
    complete line of hot forge specialty fasteners for hostile environments and critical applications
  • Midland-ACS
    manufacture and application of pneumatic fluid power equipment
  • Valley Forge & Bolt Manufacturing Co
    fasteners and services
  • SSP Fittings Corp
    designs & produces hydraulic & instrumentation tube fittings & valves made from stainless steel, brass and other exotic alloys.
  • BLÜCHER Metal A/S
    leading stainless steel sanitary discharge system, represented worldwide

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