Heavy Duty Products

Heavy Duty products from Pharmadule Emtunga
Mostly Used For Greenfield Sites

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty is a rugged shelter made of seam welded steel, allowing a mast or a tower on the roof

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    Flexpack products from Pharmadule Emtunga Shelter Makes It Useful For Roof-Top SitesFlexpack Flexpack is based on our Ultra Light shelter desing. It is a knock down shelter solution and includes a complete set of material to assembly a telecom shelter with ...
  • Ultra Light Shelter Products
    Ultra Light Shelter products from Pharmadule Emtunga Newly Developed Sandwich ShelterUltra Light Shelter Ultra Light is a newly developed sandwich shelter. The shelter can be used both for Greenfield and for Roof-top sites. More Pharmadule Emtunga Products More Light Shelters Products from Other ...
  • Heavy Duty Products
    Heavy Duty products from Pharmadule Emtunga Mostly Used For Greenfield SitesHeavy Duty Heavy Duty is a rugged shelter made of seam welded steel, allowing a mast or a tower on the roof More Pharmadule Emtunga Products More Steel Products from Other Companies Top Steel ...
  • Switching Station Products
    Switching Station products from Pharmadule Emtunga It Is Modular Designed And Easy To Extend For Future NeedsSwitching Station Switching station is made of seam welded steel and available in sizes in steps of 50 sqm More Pharmadule Emtunga Products More Switching Stations Products ...

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    New Subsea Materials Steel Products List of Materials Steel Products Top Oil and Gas Steel Companies Materials Steel Jobs
  • Chain Clamps Products
    Chain Clamps products from Moorlink Cast In High-Grade SteelChain Clamps The MoorLink Chain Clamps are specially designed clamps developed to fit surface or sub-surface buoyancy to mooring chain of any diameter. More Moorlink Products More Buoyancy Products from Other Companies Top Buoyancy Companies Jobs related ...
  • Sureflo Fbe Products
    Sureflo Fbe products from Bredero Shaw Sureflo Fbe Is A Plant Applied Lining For Steel Pipes Where Internal Corrosion Protection.Sureflo Fbe SureFlo FBE is a plant applied lining for steel pipes where internal corrosion protection or a smooth surface is required. More ...
  • Universal Subsea Camera Products
    Universal Subsea Camera products from Ev Offshore Hard Anodised Aluminium Or Stainless Steel HousingUniversal Subsea Camera EVOLi-UC Universal SubSea Camera unit offers a low cost, entry level family of cameras for a huge range of applications. More Ev Offshore Products More Cameras Products ...
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    Access Sdml Rotary Slip products from Access Oil Tools Alloy Steel And Heat-Treated For Strength And Long LifeAccess Sdml Rotary Slip All Access "SDML" and "SDXL" slipa are made of alloy steel and heat-treated for strength and long life. More Access Oil ...
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    Ceracheck products from Coorstek Giving You A Lightweight Alternative To Characteristically Unwieldy Granite Or Steel InstrumentsCeracheck Cera-Check® instruments are made of aluminum oxide ceramic materials, giving you a lightweight alternative to characteristically unwieldy granite or steel instruments. More Coorstek Products More Materials Products ...
  • Ball Valve Range Products
    Ball Valve Range products from Alco Valves Drop-Centre Accessibility For Welding / Positioning / Pipe AccessBall Valve Range The rugged SSB range of Fire Safe Ball Valve is manufactured in 316 stainless steel (and certain super alloys). Available in sizes from ...
  • Suppressiondamper –Pneumatic Products
    Suppressiondamper –Pneumatic products from Wozair Limited Building Services Fire Suppression SystemsSuppressiondamper –Pneumatic The damper frame is formed from sheet steel into rigid channel sections that are either fully welded or welded and riveted together More Wozair Limited Products More Dampers Products from Other ...
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    Access Api Bowl products from Access Oil Tools Alloy Steel And Heat Treated For Strength And Wear ResistanceAccess Api Bowl The Access API Bowl has the same bore and taper (4" per ft.) as the API #3 split bowl. All API ...
  • Medium Duty Aluminium Dc Pan & Tilt Products
    Medium Duty Aluminium Dc Pan & Tilt products from Kongsberg Maritime Ruggedised Stainless Steel Dc Pan And Tilt UnitMedium Duty Aluminium Dc Pan & Tilt Medium Duty and Rugged Pressure Compensated 40kg Capability The OE10-101 dc Pan & Tilt unit ...
  • Sip Ultra Line Portable Cutter Products
    Sip Ultra Line Portable Cutter products from Esab Controls Power DistributionSip Ultra Line Portable Cutter Operator controls are mounted on the carriage within arms reach, and include: Jog/Off/On: controls power distribution to the machine. More Esab Products More Steel Products from Other Companies Top ...
  • Allstate High Speed Tig Products
    Allstate High Speed Tig products from Esab Excellent Cutting PowerAllstate High Speed Tig Deposits are tungsten-moly high speed steel that have excellent cutting power and high toughness and will maintain a sharp edge at high temperatures. More Esab Products More Filler Metals Products ...
  • Media Retention Nozzles Products
    Media Retention Nozzles products from Alloy Screen Works Maintaining Exceptional Strength And EfficiencyMedia Retention Nozzles Commonly made of stainless steel, our media retention nozzles are also available in a variety of other alloys, all providing a high percentage of open flow ...
  • Pressure Switches Products
    Pressure Switches products from Midland Acs For Use On Fail Safe SystemsPressure Switches A compact fully adjustable pneumatically operated 316 Stainless Steel or Brass pressure switch with operating pressures up to 16 bar (232 psi). For use on fail safe systems. More ...
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  • Overhead Line Corrosion Detector Products
    Overhead Line Corrosion Detector products from Cormon Provides Early Warning Of Corrosion DamageqOverhead Line Corrosion Detector Internal corrosion is a major factor limiting the life of steel reinforced aluminium conductors (ACSR) and a crucial stage in the corrosion process is the ...
  • Threaded Cup Junk Subs Products
    Threaded Cup Junk Subs products from Logan Oil Tools High Strength, Heat-Treated Alloy Steel To Withstand WearThreaded Cup Junk Subs The Logan Threaded Cup Junk Sub is an accessory tool that prevents cuttings from milling or drilling operations that are too heavy to be circulated ...
  • Bi Metal Thermometers Products
    Bi Metal Thermometers products from Cvs Controls Thermometers Can Be Used Wherever Precise Temperature And Quality Is RequiredBi Metal Thermometers Pförtner Thermometers are or stainless steel construction; they are hermetically sealed to ensure resistance against internal corrosion, moisture and dirty atmospheres. More ...
  • Impact Products
    Impact products from Midland Acs Total Installed Cost In Both Capex And Opex Over Panel Mounted AssembliesImpact IMPACT 2000™ is a high integrity modular pneumatic actuator control assembly in 316 Stainless Steel. Lighter, stronger and more compact than panel mounting. More Midland ...

Top Steel Companies

  • Hawke Cable Glands Ltd
    is recognised as a world leader in the development and manufacture of Cable Glands for hazardous areas
  • Cecon Cecon
    independent Subsea Installation Contractor
  • Rolf Lycke AS
    supplier and stockist of pipes, fittings and flanges in carbon, low temperature and stainless steel.
  • PPSC Industrial Holdings Sdn Bhd
    owns and operates two established pipe coating facilities in Malaysia
  • Kobelt Manufacturing
    rugged construction, quality materials and prompt delivery to the customers
  • Matrix Valve Industries, LLC
    eading innovator of high-performance ball and butterfly valves.
  • Beacon Maritime, Inc.
    vessels and marine fabrication projects
  • Nord-Lock
    manufacturing of a superior securing system designed for bolted joints
  • Pacson Limited
    The company is a leading developer of valves for severe service and highly critical applications.
  • Perar
    manufacturers and engineering of ball valves

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