Lone Star Marine Shelters

Lone Star Marine Shelters in short: service to allow for complete set-up, testing and commissioning of projects

Lone Star Marine Shelters

LoneStar Marine Shelters is located on Galveston Island, Texas. Or fabrication facility sets on 28 acres of waterfront property with 400 feet of bulkhead rated for 1,000 tons and a water depth of 15 feet. The covered fabricating facilities consist of 85,000 square feet of production area, serviced by six 10-ton overhead cranes and 5,000 square feet of offices. The Lone Star Marine Shelters yard is completely stabilized, fenced and manned 24/7 to ensure security for customer supplied equipment or materials. The facilities have ample water and electrical service to allow for complete set-up, testing and commissioning of all projects before shipment. To support the fabrication facilities, our offices house all the technical support required to enable us to complete any sized project from the design phase through final commissioning. Our capabilities include structural design / engineering, architectural design, electrical design, mechanical / HVAC, fire and gas systems and communications.

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We are located in Galveston, USA, America(North)


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