Cladtek International Pty Ltd

Cladtek International Pty Ltd in short: Manufactures bi-metal lined pipe, used primarily in the oil and gas industry

Cladtek International Pty Ltd

CladTek is a group of companies that have evolved from an established fabrication company, with a portfolio that includes Cladding and Weld Overlay techniques for vessels, dished heads and all associated components. Bi-metal lined pipe is a unique product also manufactured by CladTek. As a direct result of the increased market demand for these services and to further improve our quality, technology and product portfolio we have formed CladTek International which provides a specialist sales and marketing service to the Cladding and Weld Overlay industries. We are strategically located in the middle east and south east asia with our Head Office in Perth, Western Australia; CladTek FZCO in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, a unique global hub, provides CladTek with access to the facilities of Dubai Port Authorities, one of the world’s most frequently used ports. PT CladTek our bi-metal lined pipe manufacturing plant is located on the island of Batam, Indonesia with pipe coating facilities and well established shipping connnections close at hand. As a result, CladTek is able to service all its worldwide clients’ needs in terms of quality, logistics, size and without any adverse effect on cost. CladTek has affiliates worldwide via the PFP Group

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We are located in Perth, Australia, Australia

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