RADYNE in short: induction heating technology across a whole range of processes and requirements.


Radyne established in 1946, committed to promoting the benefits of induction heating technology across a whole range of processes and requirements. Radyne offers a total spectrum of application solutions, many of which are widely acknowledged as providing the "industry standard".

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We are located in Basingstoke, UK, Europe(North)


RADYNE Products

  • Combat Vehicle Armor Products
    Combat Vehicle Armor products from Ceradyne Modern Rapid Deployment Forces Combat Vehicle Armor The steel armor plating of traditional combat vehicles is ...
  • Thermocouple Protection Tubes Products
    Thermocouple Protection Tubes products from Ceradyne The Manufacture Of Titanium Dioxide From Titanium Tetrachloride Thermocouple Protection Tubes Ceradyne produces thermocouple protection tubes ...
  • Flexkit Modular System Products
    Flexkit Modular System products from Ceradyne Fully Integrated, Modular Armor And Blast Protection System Flexkit Modular System The Ceradyne FlexKit™ is a ...
  • Amphibious Water Craft Armor Products
    Amphibious Water Craft Armor products from Ceradyne Modular Armor Panels For Protection Upgrades To Amphibious Watercraft. Amphibious Water Craft Armor Ceradyne provides ...
  • Commercial Armored Vehicles Products
    Commercial Armored Vehicles products from Ceradyne Commercial Armor Components Are Environmentally Sealed And Protected To Provide Ballistic Integrity For The Life ...
  • Tube Sheet Boiler Ferrules Products
    Tube Sheet Boiler Ferrules products from Ceradyne These Ferrules, Made From Ceralloy® 147-31N Silicon Nitride, Are Used In The Manufacture Of ...

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