Quickflange AS in short: Quickflange is a company delivering technology for ”cold” operations involving pipe and flange connections. The QF technology consists of a hydraulic tool enabling a flange – to – pipe connection without the use of heat or any other potential ignition sources. The QF method gives a pressure tight and mechanically strong connection, and is a direct alternative to a welded connection. Our equipment is rented out on a day-rate basis, and the actual operation of the equipment is carried out by QF-certified personnel from the oil companies MMO suppliers. The idea was conceived i 2003, and Quickflange has developed the technology from the idea to a commercial product through co-operation with Statoil ASA (LUP – program) and Innovation Norway.

Quickflange AS

delivering technology for coldoperations involving pipe and flange connections

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We are located in Tananger, Norway, Europe(North)


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