Caledus in short: downhole drilling- and completion-related products, design of close-clearance, flush-jointed liners to slim down the well profile


Caledus Limited was formed in February of 2003, as a service sector supplier to provide drilling, completions, fishing, and well services to the oil and gas industry. The business is headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, to provide for the North Sea as well as International locations. The emphasis of Caledus is to provide high quality products with the highest levels of commitment to servicing them. Caledus recognises that in the oil and gas service sector the effort that is applied by the service company staff, at every stage of the operation, can have a significant impact on the quality and reliability of the products and services. To enable this excellence staff recruitment at Caledus will only be the most dedicated and conscientious available in the industry. Individuals that are prepared to go the extra distance, to cross the T’s and dot the I’s, making every effort to ensure that the highest levels of service quality are maintained. Experienced oil and gas industry staff will mentor those new to the industry, to ensure that a culture of excellence is maintained as the company grows. It is the vision of the Directors and staff of Caledus to be viewed as a top tier service company that Operators large and small alike want to have on board as part of the sub-contractor team. The culture of Caledus will embrace innovation, out of the box thinking, starting with a clean sheet of paper, challenging convention, listening to the needs and desires of the customer base, and anticipation of future requirements in the sector. We look forward to the challenges that face the mature areas as well as the new developments of the oil and gas sector, and the stimulation that challenge brings to those that embrace it

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We are located in Aberdeen, UK, Europe(North)

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