Pharmadule Emtunga

Pharmadule Emtunga in short: is the world-leading supplier of high-tech modular facilities to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, living quarters and technical modules for the oil & gas industry

Pharmadule Emtunga

Pharmadule AB officially merged with Emtunga International AB. The merger completed the two companies´ long-term relationship. Pharmadule AB Emtunga had been Pharmadule´s exclusive manufacturer of modular pharmaceutical plants and the companies had operated extremely close during a period of fifteen years.

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We are located in Nacka, SWEDEN, Europe(North)

Pharmadule Emtunga Products

  • Flexpack Products
    Flexpack products from Pharmadule Emtunga Shelter Makes It Useful For Roof-Top Sites Flexpack Flexpack is based on our Ultra Light shelter desing. ...
  • Ultra Light Shelter Products
    Ultra Light Shelter products from Pharmadule Emtunga Newly Developed Sandwich Shelter Ultra Light Shelter Ultra Light is a newly developed sandwich shelter. ...
  • Heavy Duty Products
    Heavy Duty products from Pharmadule Emtunga Mostly Used For Greenfield Sites Heavy Duty Heavy Duty is a rugged shelter made of seam ...
  • Switching Station Products
    Switching Station products from Pharmadule Emtunga It Is Modular Designed And Easy To Extend For Future Needs Switching Station Switching station is ...

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