Pertamina in short: state-owned oil and gas company


Pertamina activities are directed towards discovering new oil and gas reserves, both in onshore and offshore; and in enhancing production of the existing and newly discovered reserves in the most efficient manner. Therefore, maintaining a continued supply of oil and gas. To enhance oil production, Pertamina welcomes foreign oil companies to cooperate in accelerating exploration and development of oil and gas as contractors. One of the Pertamina contracts is the Production Sharing Contract (PSC). In this contract, Pertamina is responsible for the management of petroleum operations, whereas the Contractors incur capital outlays for exploration work at their risk. The Contractors may recover exploration costs when commercial production is started.

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We are located in Jakarta, INDONESIA, Asia

Pertamina Products

  • Aviation Turbine Fuel Avtur Products
    Aviation Turbine Fuel Avtur products from Pertamina Hygiene, Combustion And Its Characteristic At Low Temperature. Aviation Turbine Fuel Avtur Aviation Turbine Fuel ...
  • Two Stroke Gasoline Engine Oils Products
    Two Stroke Gasoline Engine Oils products from Pertamina Prevent Spark-Plug Fouling Two Stroke Gasoline Engine Oils MESRANIA 2T SUPER-X is lubricating oil ...
  • Propylene Products
    Propylene products from Pertamina Easier In Saving And Handling Propylene Propylene is a hydrocarbon compound which is in gas form at normal ...
  • Industrial Diesel Oil Products
    Industrial Diesel Oil products from Pertamina Utilized Upon Direct Combustion Industrial Diesel Oil Diesel Oil is a type of fuel oil of ...
  • Motor Gasoline Products
    Motor Gasoline products from Pertamina Referred As Motor Gasoline Or Petrol Motor Gasoline Premium is a type of fuel oil of clear ...
  • Masri Rg Products
    Masri Rg products from Pertamina Also Suitable For The Lubrication Of Worm Gear Units Masri Rg MASRI RG is a High Quality ...
  • Marine Fuel Oil Products
    Marine Fuel Oil products from Pertamina Higher Level Point Pour Than Diesel Oil Marine Fuel Oil Minyak Bakar is not from distillate ...

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