OYO Geospace, Corp.

OYO Geospace, Corp. in short: manufacture thermal imaging equipment and distribute dry thermal film products to the commercial graphics industry

OYO Geospace, Corp.

OYO Geospace, Corp. is a Seismic Industry.OYO Geospace designs and manufactures scientific instrumentation and equipment used by the global petroleum industry to acquire more seismic data in new and better ways. Geoscientists look for oil and gas with sound. They use our instruments and equipment to collect seismic data that in turn creates images of potential or existing oil-and gas-bearing formations in the earth’s subsurface. Seismic is the one of the most reliable and commonly used technologies in the petroleum industry’s global quest to find, develop and efficiently produce hydrocarbon resources. Quality Tools for the Commercial Graphics Industry In the commercial graphics industry, professional quality image output demands precision equipment and accessories manufactured under rigorous, quality-controlled conditions. Our commercial graphics business segment manufactures and sells thermal imaging solutions and distributes dry thermal film products primarily to an array of graphic display industry sectors (screen print, point-of-sale, signage and textiles). These industries need and use large format (12 to 54 inch wide) output images with a variety of image resolutions ranging from 200 to 1,200 dpi

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We are located in Houston, USA, America(North)


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