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Krohne Oil & Gas BV in short: LUDWIG KROHNE began to produce variable area flowmeters. The company moved from rented facilities to company-owned buildings in 1936. These were destroyed during the 2nd World War. Starting again: In 1949 Ludwig KROHNE’s grandson, Kristian Dubbick joined the company. Under his leadership KROHNE – with an initial workforce of only 8 people – grew to become a leading and one of the most innovative companies for flow measuring devices. The Generation Change: At the end of the 1970’s Kristian Dubbick relinquished his position of Managing Director and became Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Krohne Oil & Gas BV

oil and gas, water, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, mining and shipping.

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We are located in Peabody, USA, America(North)

flow and level metering in the oil and gas industry

Krohne Oil & Gas BV Products

  • Metal Conedk Products
    Metal Conedk products from Krohne Oil & Gas Bv Suitable For Indicating The Instantaneous Flow Value Of Liquids Metal Conedk All-metal miniature ...
  • Metal Coneh Products
    Metal Coneh products from Krohne Oil & Gas Bv High-Accuracy Variable Area Flowmeter Metal Coneh The H 54 flowmeter for liquids and ...
  • Signal Convertersifc Products
    Signal Convertersifc products from Krohne Oil & Gas Bv Complete And Modular Flow Converter Signal Convertersifc Complete and modular flow converter for ...
  • Metal Coneh Rr M Products
    Metal Coneh Rr M products from Krohne Oil & Gas Bv The Rotational Movement Of The Follower Magnet System Metal Coneh Rr ...
  • Tidalflux Pf Products
    Tidalflux Pf products from Krohne Oil & Gas Bv Electromagnetic Flowmeter For Partially Filled Pipes Tidalflux Pf Measurement in partially filed pipes ...
  • Metal Conedk Dk Products
    Metal Conedk Dk products from Krohne Oil & Gas Bv All-Metal Miniature Flowmeter Metal Conedk Dk All-metal miniature flowmeter The variable area ...
  • Optiflux Products
    Optiflux products from Krohne Oil & Gas Bv The Economical Solution In Sandwich Design Optiflux Fully functional flow meter Easy to install ...
  • Metal Coneh H Horizontal Products
    Metal Coneh H Horizontal products from Krohne Oil & Gas Bv Designed For Measuring The Volume Flow Rate Of Liquids. Metal Coneh ...
  • Waterflux Products
    Waterflux products from Krohne Oil & Gas Bv The Electromagnetic Battery Powered Watermeter Waterflux WATERFLUX 2070 is the only electromagnetic watermeter with ...

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