Gusto B.V.Products

Gusto B.V.Products in short: consists of Gusto, Marine Structure Consultants, Single Buoy Moorings

Gusto B.V.Products

Gusto B.V.Products is a member of the SBM Offshore Group. The offshore division of SBM Offshore N.V. consists of GustoMSC Inc., Marine Structure Consultants (MSC) B.V., Single Buoy Moorings (SBM), SBM-Imodco Inc., Atlantia Offshore Ltd. and Gusto B.V.Gusto provides design, ngineering and consultancy services, primarily for the offshore oil and construction industries. Gusto B.V.Products was founded in 1978 by combining the related departments of the former IHC Gusto yard, renowned for designing and building ultra-modern drilling, construction and production equipment for the offshore industry.

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We are located in Schiedam, NETHERLANDS, Europe(North)

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