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Grenland Realconcept in short: services range from studies to full engineering projects

Grenland Realconcept

Grenland Realconcept is an engineering company with clear focus on the oil and gas industry. Our services range from studies to full engineering projects. Our employees are highly capable individuals who thrive in teams. Our employees have been in the oil and gas industry several decades. We know how to provide high quality engineering and procurement services, and we are intimately familiar with the strategies and priorities of the oil and gas companies. We apply tops-shelf tools in our work, whether for process simulation, flow assurance and fluid mechanics. With research funding we have developed our own software to cover specialities where commercial tools are not available. The employee mix and the management in Grenland Realconcept contribute to an efficient project execution, and the development of a company culture where every employee counts.

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We are located in Oslo, NORWAY, Europe(North)

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