Gas de France in short: one of the leading European gas groups

Gas de France

As one of the leading European gas groups, Gaz de France has established a position in the full range of natural gas sectors and associated energy services throughout the world. In exploration-production, natural gas trading, transmission, storage, distribution, energy management, air conditioning and heating, the Group has established its reputation for comprehensive expertise to provide its cutomers with diversified, efficient and competitive services. A leader in Liquefied Natural Gas technology, its storage and distribution, the Gaz de France Group has strong positions in Europe and operates throughout the world, promoting a policy of alliances and partnerships at all levels of the gas industry. The Gaz de France Group’s ambition: to associate the competitiveness of a major operator of international dimensions with the legitimacy of a public distribution service provider by offering its customers the best supply of natural gas and outstanding energy services.

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