Erling Haug AS

Erling Haug AS in short: services relating to inspection, testing and certification of lifting equipment, steel wire ropes, anchors and mooring equipment,

Erling Haug AS

The Erling Haug AS trading house, or should we say wholesaler, consultant, lift and anchor experts, inspection and certification specialists… To describe the scope of our activities in a single phrase is an impossibility, though it is easy to follow the common threads (or perhaps wire or steel rope would be more appropiate) connecting the various operations: all types of lifting equipment and products to both the offshore and onshore markets. No chain is stronger than the weakest link: we take this proverb extremely seriously. Our corps of specialist engineers design and construct lifting systems to suit the individual customer’s needs. "A reliable connection" is our motto, because at the root of our business is the safety and protection of life and limb. If it concerns a heavy lift, we are there. If it involves loading and unloading we are there. In howling gales and heaving seas, we are there

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We are located in Trondheim, Norway, Europe(North)

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