BP in short: a leading provider of oil and natural gas exploration and production


BP has had a presence on the North Slope since the late 1960s and now has several producing oil fields and planned BP developments. BP operate in 100 countries with established businesses in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. BP Amoco goals are No accident, no harm to people and no damage to the environment. Products and services are oil production and exploration, gas stations, polymer, chemical, credit cards etc.

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We are located in Aberdeen, SCOTLAND, Europe(North)


BP Products

  • Seakingparametric Sbp Products
    Seakingparametric Sbp products from Tritech International Sub-Bottom Profiler Seakingparametric Sbp If you need to obtain a clear picture of what lies below ...
  • Divex Back Pressure Regulator Products
    Divex Back Pressure Regulator products from Divex Designed For Diving Chamber Divex Back Pressure Regulator The Divex Back Pressure Regulator (BPR) has ...
  • Caledyne Retrievable Bridge Plug Products
    Caledyne Retrievable Bridge Plug products from Caledyne Innovation And Integrity Caledyne Retrievable Bridge Plug The Caledyne Retrievable Bridge Plug (CRBP) is a ...
  • Fractional Sanitary Gauge Products
    Fractional Sanitary Gauge products from Noshok, Inc Fractional Sanitary Pressure Gauge Fractional Sanitary Gauge NOSHOK Sanitary Pressure Instruments meet current 3A standards ...

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