Benestad in short: manufacturing high voltage, high current penetrators and sensors for extreme applications


Benestad was founded in 1973 and is located in Lierskogen outside of Oslo. Benestad are a leading company in manufacturing high voltage, high current penetrators and sensors for extreme applications. Benestad is advanced technology enables us to produce hermetically sealed barriers and sensors that can withstand the most hazardous environments for longer periods of time. Benestad as supply glass-ceramic penetrators to oil & gas installations subsea and to the defence industry where one of the products is used as a barrier against pressures exceeding 14.000bar. Benestad has current technology we can manufacture high-voltage penetrators up to 24kV AC, and we have in-house facilities for testing up to 70kV AC. Benestad products are in use at subsea installations all over the world, and we are frequently present at record breaking deepwater production wells.

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We are located in Lierskogen, NORWAY, Europe(North)

Benestad Products

  • Bootseal Electrical Barriers Products
    Bootseal Electrical Barriers products from Benestad Secure Insulation Resistance Of Electrical Terminations And ConnectionsBootseal Electrical Barriers Many of our penetrators incorporate ...
  • Glassceramictotitanium Sealing Products
    Glassceramictotitanium Sealing products from Benestad Perfectly Compatible Component, Simplifying The Entire Design And Enabling Welding Of The PenetratorGlassceramictotitanium Sealing Sealing glass-ceramics ...
  • High Voltage Penetrators Products
    High Voltage Penetrators products from Benestad High Voltage Penetrators For Subsea Power DistributionHigh Voltage Penetrators Development of this special segment in ...
  • Penetrators & Connectors Products
    Penetrators & Connectors products from Benestad Subsea Control Systems And Subsea InstrumentationPenetrators & Connectors Penetrators for Subsea Electronics Enclosure have traditionally ...
  • Penetrators Products
    Penetrators products from Benestad Typical Applications Are Electrical PenetratorPenetrators Benestad has certified a series of multi-pin Glass-to-Titanium Sealed penetrators for use ...
  • Glass Ceramic Sensors Products
    Glass Ceramic Sensors products from Benestad Exposed Directly To The FlowGlass Ceramic Sensors Benestad has, since 1993, been the sole supplier ...

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