APS Technology

APS Technology in short: developing and manufacturing products that operate reliably in environments where shock, vibration, high temperature and pressure, fluid erosion and corrosion are concerns

APS Technology

APS Technology designs, develops and manufactures electromechanical assemblies, sensors and hardware to operate under severe conditions. Working environments include: long-term vibration, shocks, high temperature and pressure, caustic fluids, abrasive wear, harmful gases or any combination thereof. APS provides engineering expertise in: Oilfield drilling equipment Shock and vibration isolation designs APS Technology Manufacturing test equipment Stress analysis for static and rotating conditions Thermoelectric cooling devices

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We are located in Cromwell, USA, America(North)


APS Technology Products

  • Ocean Surveyor Adcp Products
    Ocean Surveyor Adcp products from Teledyne Rd Instruments Explore New Depths With Proven Adcp Technology Ocean Surveyor Adcp For over twenty years, ...
  • Sensor Interface Unit Standalone Products
    Sensor Interface Unit Standalone products from Aps Technology For Monitoring The Mud Pulse Telemetry Output Of Mwd Systems Sensor Interface Unit Standalone ...
  • Vibration Isolation Subs Products
    Vibration Isolation Subs products from Aps Technology Developed From Proven Techniques That Had Been Applied To The Petroleum Field Vibration Isolation Subs ...
  • Mwd Suspensions Products
    Mwd Suspensions products from Aps Technology Capable Of Carrying Very Large Axial And Torsional Loads Mwd Suspensions APS Technology’s MWD Vibration Dampers ...

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