Tangguh LNG project by BP

In the mid-1990s, a world-class resource of natural gas was discovered in the Bintuni Bay, Papua, Indonesia, approximately 3,200 km from Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. These discoveries led to the Tangguh LNG project, the third LNG Centre in Indonesia and key to BP’s LNG growth aspirations in the region. BP is operator of the Tangguh LNG project which includes offshore platforms, pipelines and the LNG plant with two production trains and a total capacity of 7.6 million tones per annum (mtpa). In May 2008, gas was introduced from one of the two offshore platforms into the Onshore Receiving Facility (ORF). First commercial delivery of LNG is expected in early 2009. Tangguh will deliver cargoes to customers in China, Korea, and North America. When fully operational, the facility will be operated by a workforce of ca 1000 people. Over time, plant capacity may be expanded to support new sales commitments. The Tangguh site will be capable of supporting up to eight LNG processing trains. The Integrated Social Programme (ISP) is being implemented to manage the non technical risks for the project. The programme activities include workforce management, community development, integrated community-based security, and village resettlement. BP is also employing and developing local people during the construction and subsequent operating phases.

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