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Submar, Inc.

Submar, Inc. introduced concrete mat technology to the Gulf of Mexico in 1990. Before that time, pipeline operators in the Gulf used traditional sand/cement bags for pipeline crossings. Since Submar’s mat technology introduction, sand/cement bag pipeline crossings have become rare. Submar mats have been used very successfully for pipeline separation, stabilization and protection. Articulating concrete mat crossings are accepted as the new standard by DOT, MMS, Contractors and Pipeline Operators. The concrete mat is superior in quality of construction, cost savings, and worker safety. Submar, Inc. currently has five strategically located manufacturing facilities. Four in the United States (Louisiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Kentucky) and one in Mexico. Submar ships mats throughout the United States and all around the world. Submar manufactures two different size concrete mats consisting of 160 elements laced with 400’ of ultra violet stabilize copolymer extruded fiber rope.

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We are located in Houma, USA, America(North)

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