Scan Tech AS in short: Specialises in the design, manufacture, sales and rental of containerised steam generators, compressors, air dryers, winches, reelers and subsea equipment

Scan Tech AS

Scan Tech as bought all shares in Felleskjøpet Trykkluft og Maskin (FKTM), who was an subsidiary of the FKRA group. FKTM has been an active supplier of compressed air/leasing services to land based industry/construction since 1966, and to offshore since 1975. The new name of the company is Scan Tech FKTM as.

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We are located in Stavanger, Norway, Europe(North)

Scan Tech AS Products

  • Seakingparametric Sbp Products
    Seakingparametric Sbp products from Tritech International Sub-Bottom Profiler Seakingparametric Sbp If you need to obtain a clear picture of what lies below ...
  • Seaking Rovauv Products
    Seaking Rovauv products from Tritech International Sidescan Sonar Seaking Rovauv The SeaKing ROV/AUV Mounted Sidescan Sonar System is an extremely compact and ...
  • Profilingimaging Sonars Products
    Profilingimaging Sonars products from Underwater Video Systems Analog And Digital Telemetry Systems Are Available Profilingimaging Sonars Since the early 80’s the Kongsberg ...
  • Side Scan Sonar Products
    Side Scan Sonar products from Underwater Video Systems Side Scan Sonars Are Used To Produce High Quality Acoustic Images Of The ...

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