SAS Gouda bv in short: designer and fabricator of Pipe and Flexible Laying systems Pipe Tensioning Equipment.

SAS Gouda bv

SAS Gouda BV was founded by Mr. Sas in 1896 as a machine manufacturing company. Since the supply of the first Pipe Tensioner in 1968, SAS has become firmly established as a designer and fabricator of Pipe and Flexible Laying systems. With this history and a reference list with over 70 systems supplied worldwide, SAS is one of the longest existing and most experienced companies in this business and SAS is now the market leader in the field of Pipe Tensioning Equipment. Throughout the years SAS has always been the front runner in incorporating new technologies and improved designs, such as the following examples: In 1981 SAS was first to offer the unique concept of portable, containerized tensioners, making mobilization and demobilization very easy and efficient. In 1991 SAS developed the first pipe handling- and tensioning equipment for J-laying enabling their customers to lay rigid pipe at very deepwater depths. As from 1997 SAS started building pipe tensioners with new digital AC electric drive systems. These systems are more compact and easier to maintain, providing optimum efficiency and reliability. They are less sensitive to the marine environment. Interconnections are simplified and control characteristics are improved. These advantages seem to be recognized by the market and most of the systems supplied nowadays are based on this technology. SAS was one of the first to use sophisticated control systems, including a touch screen, enabling easy and smooth control of the pipelay operation. All knowledge of pipelaying, including emergency and safety, is stored in a very sophisticated computer system for which SAS produces its own software in-house. In 2005 SAS supplied the biggest (3x350mt) pipe tensioner ever built todate.

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