Sandwell International Inc.

Sandwell International Inc. in short: engineering contractor in industrial process, transportation, power, petroleum, manufacturing

Sandwell International Inc.

Bulk handling marine terminals; paper mills; power plants; offshore oil production platforms. From the arctic to Australia, Sandwell has completed more than 25,000 assignments worldwide. Founded in 1948 in Vancouver, Canada, Sandwell made its name in the international pulp and paper industry, merging in 1986 with long-time affiliate Swan Wooster Engineering Co. Ltd. Since its inception in 1925, Swan Wooster had built a world-class reputation in the field of infrastructure development. The merger enabled Sandwell to combine its industrial and infrastructure expertise to provide clients with the integrated "total system" service they require in an era of global trade. Sandwell Engineers Corp. clients include some of the foremost companies in their fields, and our capacity to stay abreast of changing technologies assists them to retain their competitive advantage. Numerous Sandwell projects have been honored with awards. As an acknowledged industry leader, Sandwell has been successful in recruiting and retaining the services of a talented, motivated corps of professionals, working out of operations centers in North America and Asia.

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