Quantapoint, Inc.

Quantapoint, Inc. in short: as-built documentation for the offshore, power, process, and architectural industries

Quantapoint, Inc.

Quantapoint, Inc. teams face a number of as-built documentation challenges when revamping or modifying existing facilities. These include obsolete or missing documentation, slow and unsafe collection of documentation, and difficulty sharing and managing documentation. The cost of this missing, inaccurate or misunderstood as-built documentation is time and money in the form of field changes, missed schedules, construction delays and lost production. Quantapoint uses integrated laser scanning to provide the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective solution for creating detailed and highly accurate as-built documentation for the offshore, power, process, and architectural industries. With nearly 700 successful projects, Quantapoint rapidly collects, registers and verifies billions of highly accurate measurements to provide a consistent and up-to-date “digitized facility” of easily shareable as-built laser documentation that can include photo-realistic 2D laser scans, interactive 3D laser models and verified 2D drawings. Quantapoint, Inc. provides more accurate and complete information for design, fabrication and construction decisions, resulting in reduced costs, optimized schedules, increased quality and improved safety, with construction rework being reduced by more than 80%, among other benefits.

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