Deep Panuke Gas by Encana

EnCana’s Deep Panuke Project consists of the installation of production (and support) infrastructure to produce gas from reserves located in the Deep Panuke field. The Project also consists of the transmission of those reserves in the form of natural gas to the Nova Scotia mainland. The main Project development activities involve the installation of three platforms: (1) a wellhead platform; (2) a production platform; and (3) an accommodations platform. The three platforms will support dry wellheads, gas processing equipment, power generation equipment, utilities, a landing pad, a refueling station, and crew accommodations. Pedestrian bridges will connect the platforms. The gas processing system will consist of separation, measurement, dehydration, and hydrocarbon dew point control. Since Deep Panuke is considered to be a sour gas reserve, gas-sweetening equipment will be required. The production facility will have design capacity of 400 MMcfd. The market-ready gas produced offshore will be transported, via subsea pipeline, to Goldboro, where it will be transferred to the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline’s main transmission pipeline for transport to markets in Canada and the Northeast United States. Capital construction costs for Deep Panuke are estimated at $1.1 billion and average annual production phase expenditures will be approximately $60 million (or $690 million over the Project’s 11.5 years of production phase).

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