Palisade in short: Palisade Corporation is committed to developing the world’s most robust, innovative, and comprehensive risk, decision, and data analysis software and training services.Palisade’s first decision analysis programme was called PRISM. PRISM gave desktop computer users, for the first time ever, the ability to quantify risk by running Monte Carlo simulations, a number-crunching exercise previously only available on mainframes. It was soon succeeded by @RISK, which added Monte Carlo simulation to spreadsheets. @RISK quickly became the company’s flagship product and the world’s leading risk analysis tool. Building on the success of @RISK, Palisade has developed other programmes to meet the growing professional demand for technically refined decision analysis tools.


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We are located in Middlesex, UK, Europe(North)

developer of software and services for risk and decision analysis. Leading products include @RISK, the decision tools suite and NeuralTools

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