KMC Oiltools in short: provide specialised services and proprietary products to oil and gas producers and drilling contractors.

KMC Oiltools

The KMC Oiltools group of companies is acknowledged as one of the global leaders in the provision of Waste Management solutions and services for the Oil & Gas industry. KMC Oiltools offer a comprehensive range of Solids Control, Containment, Handling, Treatment and Disposal solutions together with associated engineering and management services, which can be developed to suit individual client requirements. Management of Drilling Waste and Drilling Fluids is our business. Our solutions ensure that waste cuttings and fluids can be effectively contained, handled, treated and disposed of with minimal environmental impact. KMC Oiltools has a long track record of client satisfaction dating back to 1963, when KMC Oiltools was founded. Our client base includes major Oil and Gas Operators and Drilling Contractors, all of whom are becoming increasingly concerned with environmental issues. Whatever the requirement – small or large – KMC Oiltools will seek the most cost-effective and process-efficient solution utilising the latest technology and most experienced personnel. KMC Oiltools offer our client the confidence that our solutions and services are based upon proven experience and technical excellence.

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We are located in Stavanger, Norway, Europe(North)

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