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Ibex Geotech Limited in short: professional engineers with broad mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic hardware, software and engineering

Ibex Geotech Limited

As a design and manufacturing company, Ibex Geo-Tech are able to provide you with a wide range of innovative yet highly effective solutions to your pipeline and well bore cleaning problems. Through extensive research and by utilising our unparalleled in-house design team, Ibex Geo-Tech have taken pipeline ‘pigging’ into a new dimension. Our product range not only satisfies the oil and gas industries, but also has applications in many other industrial areas. In the area of well head and well bore operations, from down hole cleaning through to reservoir and tank inspection, Ibex Geo-Tech revolutionary approach has resulted in tools that will enable you to reduce down time and make cost savings. By utilising modern technologies and a variety of innovative materials, Ibex Geo-Tech have produced a range of cleaning tools that will cope with all types of challenges.

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We are located in Halesowen, UK, Europe(North)


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