Houghton Plc in short: subsea hydraulic control fluids, Stack-Magic BOP fluids, and wave and tidal energy generating lubricants

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Houghton is one of the world’s largest and longest established suppliers of specialist industrial metalworking fluids and fluid management services. The combination of advanced lubricants technology and over a century of expertise in manufacturing engineering makes Houghton a world leader in industrial fluids and fluid management today. Houghton Fluidcare programmes use this expertise to manage fluids and related processes in partnership with the world’s largest manufacturing companies throughout Europe and North America. The demands placed upon fluids in modern engineering have never been greater. Today’s products must work harder, last longer and if possible be recycled. Additive choice is increasingly restrained by health safety and environmental criteria, yet technical demands grow which test products to their limits. To compound problems facing users and suppliers, traditional maintenance time is in ever shorter supply. Houghton’s solution is one of continual product development. Throughout the world teams of experienced chemists and applications engineers ensure that the best material technology is always available. With Fluidcare, Houghton has developed total fluid management into the ultimate system for the application and control of all fluids, chemicals and related services on site. Every Fluidcare programme is tailored to suit customers exact requirements, offering savings through reduced fluids usage, lower maintenance, reduced downtime and minimum waste disposal. Fluidcare programmes also improve health and safety for operators and reduce environmental impact of fluids in use. Fluidcare comprises of three elements – superior products, custom-built equipment and an experienced team of personnel. We are represented in 35 countries with 20 manufacturing plants and over 2000 employees. Our history starts in 1865 when Edwin F Houghton began developing petroleum products for the fledgling industrial revolution. To this day Houghton scientists are working in our research laboratories worldwide to develop new technology specialist lubricants which are higher performance, safer for users and safer for the environment. Automotive, Aerospace, Diecasting, Components, Metals, Offshore, Containers, Heat treatment, Water treatment

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