Hiller GMBH in short: Centrifuges, decanter, separation. Solid/liquid separation

Hiller GMBH

For more than 35 years HILLER is one of the leading manufacturers of decanter centrifuges. We employ some 140 staff at our works in Vilsbiburg, Bavaria. Our current manufacturing capacity is 220 decanters per year, each one with individual design and process characteristics. In addition we can carry out 100 – 150 complete centrifuge refurbishments per year. This capacity enables economical serial production of standard decanters. Due to the use of up-to-date computer aided design and manufacturing tools, we are also able to realise individual equipment and process requirements from design through to production. Depending on our customer’s requirements, our sope of supply can range from supply of the centrifuge(s) only up to entire turn-key centrifuge plants with all ancillaries, including consulting, design, delivery, installation and commissioning. To date Hiller has developed and produced approx. 4,000 centrifuges

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We are located in Vilsbiburg, Germany, Europe(North)


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