Hagglund Drives AS

Hagglund Drives AS in short: hydraulic drive systems for demanding marine and industrial applications, such as winches, top drives, pump drives, roughnecks and thrusters.

Hagglund Drives AS

The spirit from the founder of Hägglunds & Söner; Johan Hägglund; is still carried on in Hägglunds Drives. This means a long experience, and an extensive knowledge. It also means a drive to advance and develop to see to all of our customer’s needs. Hägglunds Drives history started around 1960 when Hägglunds developed the first hydraulic motor with low speed and high torque. Introduction and success One of the first applications where there had been a lack of working equipment, was for ship cranes. Hägglunds started the production of ship cranes driven by the new Viking hydraulic motors, at the beginning of the 1960´s. It was a success. Soon other areas of application were found for this motor, mainly in the marine environment. An independent product In 1967, seven years after the first Viking motor had been introduced; the Viking hydraulic motor was found so useful in many applications, that Hägglunds decided the hydraulic motor should be an independent product. In the 1970”s a new and improved production site was built with a large hydraulic laboratory and offices for all administrative functions. The location chosen was Mellansel. Becoming an independent company - Changes in ownership Hägglunds had clearly chosen hydraulics as one of the major businesses and as part of the then ASEA Group in 1986 purchased Denison, the American world-leading producer of hydraulic pumps and valves. In 1988 Hägglunds & Söner split the company into individual companies with Hägglunds Denison as the producer of hydraulic motors. In 1991 Hägglunds Denison was sold off to the Incentive Group. 1993 the Denison part of Hägglunds Denison was sold off and the name changed to Hägglunds Drives AB. In 1997 Atle Karolin acquired Hägglunds Drives. As of 2001 Hägglunds Drives is a part of the Arcorus Group, owned by 3i, Ratos and the former owners of GS-Hydro. 2005 Hägglunds Drives owned by Ratos

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We are located in Tønsberg, Norway, Europe(North)


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