GMT – The Titanium Specialist

GMT – The Titanium Specialist in short: Major stockist and distributor of titanium products such as round bar, pipe/tube, forgins/flanges, sheets/plates and special items

GMT - The Titanium Specialist

GMT has from the start of 1995 supplied titanium products to numerous customers world-wide. Among them are fabricators, machineshops, forgers, valve manufacturers and stockists. You will find our products in the air, on shore, offshore and subsea. GMT was founded by Roger Sjømark in 1995, and his 15 years of experience with titanium gives GMT and our customers advantages few of our competitors can offer. Why use GMT? GMT offers accessibility of products with competitive prices, delivery times, quality and service. GMT quotes materials according to the customers needs and offers alternatives when this is an advantage to the customer. GMT delivers complete packages, allowing the customer to receive everything from one source. GMT includes the customers as a part of its suppliers network giving the customers increased sales. GMT gives the customers considerable cost savings by affording semi-manufactured products and technical advice. GMT delivers the products duty paid, in the currency required, to customers world-wide

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We are located in Blomsterdalen, Norway, Europe(North)

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