Geoservices in short: specialise in well intervention & cased hole logging, driling consultancy


Geoservices specialises in Mud Logging, Well Intervention and Field Surveillance. Company Full Description: Geoservices has been contributing to the development of the oil & gas industry since 1958 and now enjoys an international reputation as a prominent service company in the upstream sector (drilling and production). Headquartered near Paris, France, Geoservices serves its oil & gas company clients worldwide through a network of District Offices and Bases in over fifty countries, covering all the main areas where oil or gas is to be found. A truly international company, Geoservices employs over 4000 people of some sixty different nationalities. Geoservices is the world leader in Mud Logging, and also specialise in Well Intervention and Field Surveillance services

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We are located in Le Blanc-Mesnil, FRANCE, Europe(South)

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