GEO ASA in short: ocean-going and one nearshore vessel, a Hugin 3000 AUV/UUV system and 14 work ROVs


Geoconsult AS is a Norwegian survey company. Our base and offices are 8 km north of Bergen, ideally located near the major Norwegian oil and gas fields. The company was established in 1979, and has steadily increased its acitivity since then. The most rapid period of growth began in 1997 and has continued at a brisk pace, involving both personnel, equipment and vessels. On May 24th 2005 Geo ASA was established. Geo ASA was incorporated after DOF acquired Geo Group, including its subsidiary Geoconsult AS and Geoshipping AS. In connection with the acquisition, DOF transferred its multipurpose/ROV vessels to Geo, which means four vessels and one new building. Since then, Geo ASA has acquired additional six vessels. Geoconsult AS has through our sister company, Geoshipping AS, access to sixteeen ocean-going and one nearshore vessel. Furthermore, the Geo Group owns a Hugin 3000 AUV/UUV system – one of the most advanced AUV/UUV systems in the world, as well as 20 ROV systems, where 11 systems have an active heave compensated Launch and Recovery System (LARS). The depth capabilities of these systems are up to 4000m, and all ROVs will during 2006 be integrated and operated from the Geo vessels. We have over 130 highly skilled employees. Company personnel includes Surveyors, ROV Specialists, Geologists and Geophysicists, Instrument Technicians, Cartographers, Data Processors, Draftspersons, and Administration/Support Staff. Geoconsult performs all tasks in-house, including offshore and onshore work. Typical tasks it performs from shoreline and down to 4,000m are: seabed mapping and survey, pipeline inspection, ROV services, subsea construction support services, module handling, IMR and subsea salvage

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We are located in Øvre Ervik, Norway, Europe(North)

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