Gas Turbine Efficiency AB

Gas Turbine Efficiency AB in short: Develops, manufactures and markets systems for gas turbine cleaning

Gas Turbine Efficiency AB

Gas Turbine Efficiency (GTE) is a technological leader in the field of gas turbine engine cleaning. The industry consists of engines operating in aero, industrial, marine and offshore environments. Regardless of the application, all engines show improved performance when cleaned properly. With a commitment to optimized engine cleaning, GTE’s technological leadership delivers the most effective results, saving the operator money, time, resources and the environment. As the GTE cleaning systems demonstrate superior engine cleaning results, the company is expanding globally with the intent to market the GTE technology world wide. As stated by Steven Zwolinski, CEO "The GTE team is expanding on our global commitment to develop, manufacture and market systems and concepts for technologically and environmentally superior gas turbine gas path cleaning". The history of GTE follows the technological advances in engine cleaning. More than fifteen years ago, the founder Peter Asplund recognized the limitations of engine cleaning processes available at that time whilst an employee at SAAB Aero. He committed himself to developing a solution that cleaned more effectively, reduced the time required as well as reduced any harmful effects to the environment. In the years that followed, Peter successfully developed and patented a high- pressure cleaning technology that achieved all three objectives. GTE was then founded in Sweden and began delivering its products to the aviation sector. In time GTEs products were also marketed to customers operating industrial gas turbines. Today Rolls Royce, General Electric, Siemens etc. rely on GTEs cleaning technology and products. These developments are also recognized for their innovative contribution by government and industry leaders as well as at the 2003 Paris Air Show. GTE has positioned itself as the premier supplier of cleaning technology for gas turbine engines globally. As the company implements its growth strategy, GTE represents an excellent investment opportunity

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