Floating Pipeline Company

Floating Pipeline Company in short: light-weight composite reinforced pressure vessels

Floating Pipeline Company

The Floating Pipeline Company Incorporated (FPC Inc.) was established in 2003 for the purpose of building light-weight composite reinforced pressure vessels, known by the trade name of Gas Transport Modules (GTMs), under license from TransCanada PipeLines Limited. These GTMs will be used in a variety of transportation modes for the conveyance of natural gas, natural gas liquids and specialty gases. A The Floating Pipeline Company Incorporated manufacturing facility has been set up in a 120,000 sq ft building in the Port of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada for the purpose of manufacturing of the GTMs and outfitting of ships, barges, rail cars and road trailers. The GTM technology consists of wrapping a steel ‘liner’ with glass fiber, reducing the weight of a conventional all steel pressure vessel by up to 40% and implying that weight for weight, up to 40% more gas can be carried in the GTM. This offers significant transportation cost savings as well as benefits in rupture safety, strength, fatigue life and corrosion protection.

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