F.W. Gartner in short: offers complete machining and grinding capabilities for turnkey service

F.W. Gartner

Fred W. Gartner founded the company in 1923. During the 1940’s, Fred Gartner, Jr., a recent inductee into the International Thermal Spray Association’s (ITSA) Hall of Fame, helped pioneer a new industry now known as “thermal spraying.” In 1957, he replaced his father as president and led the company for 36 years, insisting on a standard of product quality and service that was among the highest to be found anywhere. Michele Falzon, a fourth generation president, currently owns F. W. Gartner Thermal Spraying, Ltd. Michele is a member of the Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance (WBEA), Texas Association of Business (TAB) and the State of Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) classification and has successfully grown FWG into a multi-million dollar corporation. With the best qualified, most highly-trained and experienced personnel in the industry, FWG ensures on-going commitment to quality by conforming to all ISO 9002 requirements. Since thermal spraying is a dynamic industry, new customer requirements are continually arising. FWG has always played a leadership role in the development of new materials and processes to satisfy these emerging needs. FWG also offers complete machining and grinding capabilities for turnkey service. By maintaining quality and providing innovative solutions, FWG has enabled its clientele to increase component life and improve reliability while reducing downtime and cost. This was the key to our success in the twentieth century…and it continues today.

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F.W. Gartner Products

  • Rokide Products
    Rokide products from F.W. Gartner Accelerates The Molten Particles Onto The Substrate Rokide The coating material, in the form of a ceramic ...
  • Air Plasma Spray Aps Products
    Air Plasma Spray Aps products from F.W. Gartner High Melting Points, Making Them Ideal For The Application Air Plasma Spray Aps In ...
  • Combustion Wire System Products
    Combustion Wire System products from F.W. Gartner Stream Of Compressed Air Or Inert Gas Combustion Wire System One of the earliest processes ...
  • Twin Wire Arc System Products
    Twin Wire Arc System products from F.W. Gartner Reclamation And Atmospheric Corrosion Protection Applications. Twin Wire Arc System In the twin wire ...
  • Spray & Fuse Products
    Spray & Fuse products from F.W. Gartner Low Pressures, Are Combined To Create The Flame Spray & Fuse Spray and fuse consists ...

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