ENWA AS in short: Manufacturer of water treatment equipment for the maritime, oil and gas industry, including reverse osmosis systems


ENWA ASA carries out operations through strategic and active ownership of its company’s subsidiaries, drawing on the skills needed to provide the right solutions across company boundariesResidents in sheltered acomodation in Aberdeen Scotland are enjoying improved water quality thanks to effective water treatment. The city council were finding high levels of particulates and sludge blocking inline strainers, leading to growing maintenance costs. Following detailed surveys across the city, 28 Enwamatic water treatment units have been installed. They are connected to the heating systems to provide continous conditioning. The units tests a proportion of the flow so that the entire system volumes passes through the unit in less than 24 hours. A conventional chemical approach was not favoured due to the risk of scouring older HVAC systems. ENWA says the units regulate pH, alkalinity and prevent corrosion and scaling. In addition they filter to less than 10 microns and restrict bacterial development. Aberdeen expects to install further units in other sheltered accomodation during 2005 and 2006

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