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Until April 1, 2003 the officially registered name of the group was A/S De Smithske. However, over the years the name DESMI has become more and more used in brochures and other marketing material. So in order to avoid confusion between the officially registered company name and what the company has been colloquially called, it was decided to change the official name to DESMI A/S. On June 9, 1834, the Aalborg citizen Henning Smith, Gold- & Silversmith, was granted the Royal privilege to start an iron foundry in Aalborg. Henning Smith sat up his iron foundry in Algade 54, vis-à-vis the Cathedral of Budolfi, where stoves, kitchen ranges, windows etc. were made. Already in 1848 the activities were split into foundry and machinery works with a total of 47 employees. At that time the population of Aalborg was approx. 8,000 and A/S De Smithske was the second largest industrial enterprise in the city. In 1875 the business moved to bigger and better facilities at Vesterbro, close to where the Aalborg Congress Center is today. The same year Denmark passed its first Companies Act and the activities were immediately transformed into a Limited Company under the Registration no. 538. Thus today DESMI A/S is one of the oldest companies in Denmark. From 1900 until 1970 the company also manufactured church bells, which was quite a unique trade. About half of 4,000 churches in the country were supplied with church bells from DESMI, and most of them are still in use today. In 1935 and 1936, foundry, machinery works and boiler shop were moved to the outskirts of the city at Annebergvej. Over the years the activities increased to a size that necessitated an expansion of the facilities, and in 1966 the locksmith shop was moved to a newly built welding plant at Skydebanevej. On July 1, 1977 the foundry was closed down, and by the end of the same year the machine works, together with the subsidiary Skalborg Maskinfabrik A/S that manufactured gearboxes, moved to the present modern facilities at Tagholm 1, Nørresundby. At the same time the boiler shop was organized as a separate division – the Steel Division. The division was sold to Monberg & Thorsen in 1981. In 1979 Skalborg Maskinfabrik A/S merged with A/S De Smithske. By the end of the 70´s DESMI started to develop and manufacture equipment for combating oil spills at sea. This business area has developed well and is today managed by the subsidiary RO-CLEAN DESMI A/S. DESMI´s environmental equipment is recognized world-wide and is part of contingency planning in more than 60 countries. In 1993/94 DESMI acquired the pump division, Thrige Pumper, from Thrige Titan A/S in Odense. The activities and products of Thrige Pumper supplemented DESMI´s own business areas very well. One could say that Thrige Pumper´s main strength was "onshore" whilst DESMI´s main strength was "offshore". With the acquisition of Thrige Pumper the turnover and the number of employees were doubled. The motive behind the purchase and the merger of the two companies was the wish to create a strong company able to face the challenges of a still more competitive and internationally oriented business world

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