D&E Trading in short: Slide bearings with various performances and in different materials, such as bronze, brass, bimetal, three-layer and plastic compound

D&E Trading

D&E Trading is a well pronounced technique and service company. The base for our business is a wide stock of Slide Bearings, Seals and Fasteners. In our customers you find many of the Nordic leading companies in factory and hydraulics. Together with them we develop different logistic solutions that actively contribute a more effective material flow. Our cooperation with them has made it possible to find new ideas to make several product improvements. We convert the ideas to practical solutions with our suppliers, who all are among the best in their line of business. Our head office with central storage is located in Stockholm, Sweden. We also have a subsidiary company in Helsinki, Finland. The best service and technical support During over thirty years we have built up an unique technical competence. This in combination with a service level which is hard to beat has given us a leading position in the Nordic countries. New thinking is our strong side Active product development always has the highest priority in our cooperation with our customers and suppliers. Typical example is our slide bearing with grease depots and a built-in seals that has been developed from our ideas. New kind of logistic We work continuously with developing logistic systems and to adjust our product mix. To break an old pattern can many times be a shortcut to a more effective material routine. Quality control All our products are manufactured by leading suppliers with systematic routine controls. Furthermore we do our own controls regularly to be sure that promised properties are kept and that our customers get the quality that they want

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We are located in Stockholm, Sweden, Europe(North)


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