Centek Ltd in short: Manufactures the unique Centek S2 single piece centraliser, designed for maximum stand-off in pipe rotation, unique flexibility and improved flow by area

Centek Ltd

Founded only in 2001, Centek Limited have rapidly become the UK’s leading innovator in centraliser design and manufacture. The Centek S2 centraliser is revolutionary in it’s design as it is a one piece unit. It has none of the characteristics of traditional bow spring centralisers, yet it remains a bow spring centraliser. The Centek S2 will provide the stand off and flexibility required of a bow spring yet due to it’s unique construction offers substantial robustness and strength. The Centek S2 is rapidly becoming the first choice for far reach deviated wells. First run in the North Sea in 2002, Centek Limited can now proudly boast unrivalled success in North / South America, Africa, Middle east, Russia’s, Europe, Far East and Australia. The low profile, low torque unit offers vastly superior torque and drag reduction due to an extremely low friction coefficient. Lubricated Steel-on-Steel is confirmed by any engineering handbooks, as being the industries optimum. Centek Limited carry sufficient stock inventories to satisfy our extensive customer base. In addition to UK facilities the Centek S2 is also available, through it’s infrastructure of strategic worldwide locations, whereby additional stock inventory is available to meet demand

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We are located in Newton Abbot, UK, Europe(North)


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