American Variseal

American Variseal in short: a global industrial group whose leading positions are based on advanced polymer technology and in-depth applications know-how

American Variseal

Trelleborg is a global industrial group whose leading positions are based on advanced polymer technology and in-depth applications know-how. We develop high-performance solutions that damp, seal and protect in demanding industrial environments. The Group has annual sales of approximately SEK 24 billion, with about 22,000 employees in 40 countries. The head office is located in Trelleborg, Sweden. Trelleborg’s President and CEO is Peter Nilsson and Anders Narvinger is Board Chairman. Trelleborg AB was founded in 1905. With 100 years behind us, our history, like our future, is characterized by a constant drive for quality and a passion for identifying new solutions to complex problems. The Trelleborg Group offers technological solutions that meet three principal customer needs: to damp, seal and protect. These functions have many areas of use in various industries worldwide. The Group’s customer groups are to be found primarily within the aerospace, agricultural, automotive, infrastructure/construction, transportation equipment, oil/gas and other industries.

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We are located in Trelleborg, SWEDEN, Europe(North)

American Variseal Products

  • Industrial Hoses Products
    Industrial Hoses products from American Variseal Long-Standing Experience Industrial Hoses Wherever and whatever media are to be transported, Trelleborg Industrial Hose has ...
  • Expansion Jointscompensators Products
    Expansion Jointscompensators products from American Variseal Combined With Metal And/Or Textile Reinforcements Expansion Jointscompensators Expansion Joints or Compensators are flexible rubber elements ...
  • Automotive Seals Products
    Automotive Seals products from American Variseal Occupant Safety And Quality Automotive Seals Serving the world’s original equipment manufacturers and their tier-1 and ...
  • Transmission Belts Products
    Transmission Belts products from American Variseal Effect And Best Lifetime Imaginable At The Lowest Possible Cost Transmission Belts The highest possible transmission ...
  • Rubber Flooring Products
    Rubber Flooring products from American Variseal Where High Durability Rubber Flooring Trelleborg Rubber Flooring produces high quality rubber flooring for public areas ...
  • Aerospace Seals Products
    Aerospace Seals products from American Variseal Extensive Product Portfolio Aerospace Seals Trelleborg Sealing Solutions’ extensive product portfolio, service capability, materials development and ...
  • Calendered Materials Products
    Calendered Materials products from American Variseal Highly Flexible Production System And State-Of The Art Technology Calendered Materials The calendering department at Trelleborg ...
  • Rubber Matting Products
    Rubber Matting products from American Variseal Use Are Often Where Ergonomic, Anti-Slip, Protective Rubber Matting Trelleborg rubber matting is robust, durable and ...

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